Premium SPC Flooring

Save money with the premium look and feel of 100% waterproof SPC flooring. Explore what we have in stock now!

The Details

Completely Waterproof

Won’t corrode or erode. Ever.

Premium Look and Feel

An almost perfect replica of hardwood.

Strong and durable

Scratch and dent resistant, it’s the most durable flooring material on the market.

SPC, or stone polymer composite flooring is the newest generation of floor covering. It is extremely stable, 100 percent waterproof, and resistant to dents and scrapes. SPC was introduced in 2016 and has grown in both popularity and choices ever since. Here at My Flooring Guy, we supply premium SPC flooring options that look great in homes and feel even better in wallets.

When you need the best in quality, durable, affordable flooring, look no further than SPC and the numerous options we offer here at My Flooring Guy. SPC is the material to choose for just about any home flooring construction, and its easier-than-hardwood installation process means we can get it in your home in almost no time at all! Visit our showroom to explore the SPC option that’s right for you!

About SPC

SPC flooring contains a blend of natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizer with a silica core which produces a very stable composite material.  Because it is made with completely waterproof materials, it is immune to expansion and contraction, even in areas with moisture. It is safe for use in homes as well as in commercial buildings, since it contains no formaldehyde.

Due to its rigidity, SPC handles weight better than other types of flooring. If you have a heavy pool table or entertainment center for example, consider using SPC flooring to prevent dents and scrapes. SPC flooring is the most impact resistant flooring material available.


Other Products


Beautiful, sturdy options sourced from quality suppliers. Our team spends hours inspecting each pallet to ensure only the finest planks make it to our stores. Choose from dozens of traditional and more modern surfaces for the perfect fit.


An affordable, luxurious material that'll make your home the stuff of envy and your wallet the happiest piece of leather on earth. We've got tons of laminate options perfect for virtually any budget, and our experts make it look as good as wood!

Luxury Vinyl

Like laminate but want something a little more elegant and a lot more waterproof? Luxury vinyl is a beautiful option that gives you the look of a laminate or hardwood, with the waterproof qualities of SPC. Learn more today!


Have questions about SPC flooring? We’ve got your answers.

Is SPC flooring really that great?

Absolutely. SPC flooring combines the best of all worlds when it comes to durability, affordability, options, and beauty.

Why haven't I heard of SPC flooring more often?

SPC flooring is a new player in the flooring game, and is only readily available to the top suppliers in the nation. Our relationships with our suppliers have allowed us to offer this cutting-edge flooring to our customers way before the other guys!

It's got to be expensive, right?

Nope. The technology that goes into making SPC is affordable, and the materials involved are economical as well. This makes SPC an extremely cost effective option for customers.

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