Here’s Why You Should Love Waterproof SPC Flooring

SPC is the hottest name in flooring for its durability, looks, and affordability. Its waterproof attributes are also a huge win!

When thinking of flooring, have you ever considered the importance of water resistance? It’s only natural floors get wet between spills, children, pets, and everyday use. Many people don’t realize the benefit of waterproof flooring until they are spending more money repairing their old floor or switching to SPC after dealing with years of water damage.

There are so many reasons we love waterproof SPC flooring, from its affordability, durability, to its longevity! Here’s why you should too!

It’s completely waterproof

As mentioned before, waterproof flooring is a big game-changer for accident-prone households. SPC waterproof flooring won’t corrode or erode – ever! Its waterproof properties also make it immune to expansion and contraction! 

This makes it great for use in a moist or damp area. Consider using it in your kitchen, pool shed, basement, or anywhere else in your home where water spills could happen.

SPC waterproof flooring allows for easy cleanup when exposed to water. It’s built to handle everyday spills and water drops. There’s not a space in your home or building it won’t come in handy!

It contains no formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a strong-smelling gas often used in building materials and many household products. It is colorless, making it hard to notice. 

It can cause an immune system response when an individual is initially exposed to it, irritating the eyes, nose, and throat, and can cause coughing and wheezing.

SPC can limit these harsh reactions often associated with other flooring materials. It’s also one of the easiest flooring options to install compared to hardwood flooring. 

It’s the most impact-resistant flooring money can buy

SPC is made with a blend of natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizer. It also is made with a silica core, which makes SPC a stable and composite material. 

Due to its strength, SPC holds weight better than any other material. People often use it at the base of heavy furniture pieces like pool tables, kitchen appliances, or other heavy furniture. It is often used in commercial buildings due to its ability to resist impacts and dents.

When you need the best in quality, durable, affordable flooring, look no further than SPC and the numerous options we offer at My Flooring Guy. Visit our showroom to explore the SPC option that’s right for you!

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