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Luxury vinyl is a product that looks like real wood, stone or ceramic flooring, but costs less and is completely waterproof. Its durability, variety, and waterproof qualities are making it increasingly popular in both modern and traditional homes alike. Vinyl resists most scratches, scuffs and stains. It is easy to clean, pet friendly, and is available in slip-resistant options.


If you’re looking for an alternative to something like hardwood or laminate, vinyl is a great choice. You won’t find this level of durability and affordability with most other flooring options. Put it anywhere in your home, and rest easy knowing it won’t crack, chip, or scrape. It’s the perfect all purpose material for the household that needs it!

About Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl (or luxury vinyl tile) is often confused with other types of hardwood flooring or laminate due mostly to the similar look of the top layer. With luxury vinyl, the core layer is not affected by moisture. It is also much less rigid than laminate flooring. 

Luxury vinyl was originally called “hot pressed” tile, since it is made of layers that are fused together under heat and pressure. It has a vinyl back with a vinyl core. There is a print film layer that gets applied with your chosen design. It is then covered with a protective wear layer that guards against scuffs and scratches and protects the design layer, followed by a polyurethane coating. The coating is sometimes strengthened with aluminum oxide, ceramic or silica beads.

Luxury vinyl is quick and easy to install, and can help your home look great for years!

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Got questions about luxury vinyl? We’ve got your answers.

What's the difference between luxury vinyl and laminate?

Luxury vinyl is waterproof, a bit more durable, and typically has a longer lifespan than laminate. Laminate tends to offer more design options.

How affordable is luxury vinyl?

As luxury vinyl grows in popularity, it’s also becoming increasingly more affordable. It’s a very cost-effective option that’s much cheaper than hardwood.

How long does luxury vinyl take to install?

Most luxury vinyl is “clickable,” which means it can click into place. This makes quick installation much easier than other flooring options. Vinyl flooring is one of the fastest flooring materials to install!

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