Unfinished Hardwood

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Unfinished hardwood flooring is installed in your home as bare wood stock.  It is then finished on-site by sanding as well as your chosen finishing treatment.  Although it takes a little longer to install unfinished hardwood flooring, this option provides the widest range of customization.  If you have a picture of a floor that you absolutely love, you can have it.  do you want a one of a kind color or stain?  You can have that too.  Choosing unfinished hardwood puts you in control of creating the desired atmosphere in your home.

Why choose unfinished hardwood floors?

There are a few advantages to having your wood floors finished on-site.  As mentioned, unfinished hardwood is fully customizable.  You can purchase anything from narrow plank strips to broad planks. The wood is bare when it is nailed to the subfloor and sanded down.  Our installers make sure that each and every board and plank fit tightly and neatly together to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted surface.  In its natural state, unfinished wood can have minor cracks or empty spaces running throughout.  These minor issues can be fixed on site by My Flooring Guy’s expert installers.  Because unfinished hardwood is finished on site, it has a better uniformity of both seal and finish.

unfinished hardwood flooring for sale

The Natural Look

If you’re aiming for the natural look, you definitely want to choose unfinished hardwood.  There are many prefinished hardwood choices that come close to a natural wood look, but nothing compares of course to the real thing.  Rather than opting for a stain color, you can simply just choose the level of gloss in your finish from Matte to High Gloss and retain the natural color and beauty of the unfinished hardwood you selected.

unfinished hardwood flooring for sale

The Luxury of Choice
If you prefer a specific color to the natural look, you have a myriad of color choices with unfinished hardwood flooring.  If there is a specific shade you want, My Flooring Guy will assist you in using a stain color computer which will match whatever shade you want or have in your home.  There is also a variety of species and textures you can choose from when using unfinished hardwood.  You can buy reclaimed wood for a rustic look.  This stock is made from quality timber salvaged from old buildings or sunken logs.  One of our most sought after woods is White Oak.  This species brings a warm, natural beauty to your floors.  See our gallery to view it installed in various locations in the home.

Match your existing wood flooring exactly
If you decide to refinish or build on to your existing hardwood flooring, we recommend choosing unfinished hardwood to ensure the most precise and exact color and texture match

Cleaning and Care

Remember not to use too much water when cleaning your hardwood floors.  We recommend frequent light sweeping followed by a soft microfiber mopping using a hardwood floor cleaner such as Bona.  Be sure to clean up spills as soon as possible to avoid damage to your floors.

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