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Laminate flooring is a quality, long lasting hardwood alternative that can help you save big!

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Dozens of Styles

We offer styles to fit every palate.

Perfectly Engineered

Our laminate options look just like hardwood.

Very Affordable

Vinyl is one of the most cost effective flooring materials on the market!

When you’re looking for a smart, sleek, low-cost alternative to traditional hardwood, laminate could very well be your answer. Scientifically engineered to give you many of the same attributes of hardwood, laminate works well in spaces where hardwood installation would be too hard, too time consuming, or cost-prohibitive. Laminate can also be less likely to show scratches than hardwood. 

Our team of experts knows exactly how to help you pick the laminate option that mirrors that popular hardwood you like, and with our done-for-you policy, they’ll also install it to ensure what you picked actually ends up looking exactly like what you saw in the showroom. Make your home your castle with beautiful laminate options here are My Flooring Guy!

About Laminate

Though traditional laminate flooring was invented decades ago, high-quality laminate flooring is fairly new. It is a multi-layered synthetic product built with a high-density core from high quality fiberboard. The best laminate typically comes with an AC-4 or higher wear layer rating. This protects your floors from moisture, damage, and stains. Quality of the material makes a big difference in laminate flooring. Using a higher quality laminate such as what we carry in our showroom can increase the life of your Laminate floors from ten years to up to thirty years. 

Laminate flooring can be installed on top of an underlayment of your choice which is placed on top of most existing floors other than carpet.  This cuts down significantly on removal, haul away, and installation time.   Most people prefer the grain of the laminate to run alongside the longest wall in the room.  My Flooring Guy’s installation team will be sure that your laminate flooring is installed to your preference.

Other Products


Beautiful, sturdy options sourced from quality suppliers. Our team spends hours inspecting each pallet to ensure only the finest planks make it to our stores. Choose from dozens of traditional and more modern surfaces for the perfect fit.

SPC Flooring

Stouter than laminate and just as beautiful as hardwoods, our waterproof stone plastic composite offerings blend the best of durability and looks for the discerning homeowner. Explore all of our options in our showroom!

Luxury Vinyl

Like laminate but want something a little more elegant and a lot more waterproof? Luxury vinyl is a beautiful option that gives you the look of a laminate or hardwood, with the waterproof qualities of SPC. Learn more today!


Got questions about laminate? We’ve got your answers.

Why is laminate so affordable?

Laminate is scientifically manufactured with materials that are much more affordable than raw, traditional hardwood is. This allows laminate to mirror the look of hardwood without being nearly as expensive.

Does laminate have as many options as hardwood?

Yes! Because laminate is made, not grown like hardwood is, there are virtually endless options for color, texture, and more. Basically, if you can dream it up, it can be done!

Can you tell the difference between laminate and hardwood?

While a trained eye may be able to tell the difference between hardwood or laminate, the vast majority of people won’t be able to. When installed by our experts, there will be a very low chance that most people who come to your home or business will know the difference!

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