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Laminate Flooring

Though laminate flooring was invented decades ago, high-quality laminate flooring is fairly new. It is a multi-layered synthetic product built with a high-density core from high quality fiberboard. The best laminate typically comes with an AC-4 or higher wear layer rating. This protects your floors from moisture, damage, and stains. Quality of the material makes a big difference in laminate flooring. Using a higher quality Laminate such as what we carry in our showroom, can increase the life of your Laminate floors from ten years to up to thirty years.  It could mean that instead of a 10-year floor, you have one that will last for 20 to 30 years. Laminate, depending on its quality, can be less likely to incur scratches than hardwood.  Choose the flooring option that best meets your needs.

Get the floor design you want for an economical price

The main attraction of a laminate floor is the ability to recreate the look of a high-end floor at a fraction of the cost. Laminate flooring is perfect for rental properties also.  It gives you a modern, luxury look at a considerably lower cost than hardwood flooring.  Laminate is easy to install and easy to replace if you have renters that have been a bit rough with the floor. Laminate flooring has come a long way in recent years.  There are many beautiful and luxurious looks you can create with it.

Easy to install

Laminate is easy to install. Most often, the boards click together and lock into place.  Laminate flooring can be installed on top of an underlayment of your choice which is placed on top of most existing floors other than carpet.  This cuts down significantly on removal, haul away, and installation time.   Most people prefer the grain of the laminate to run alongside the longest wall in the room.  My Flooring Guy’s installation team will be sure that your flooring is installed to your preference.


The laminate has a wear layer to protect from moisture damage. Most industry warranties mention that it will resist topical water damage due to spills, so long as they are wiped up and allowed to dry. This can help avoid any swelling of your tiles or planks.  Recently improvements in the quality of Laminate have been developed.  Higher quality Laminate now has tighter seams between boards and introduces more melamine resins in the fiberboard mix. This increases the water resistance you can expect from your Laminate floors.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning laminate flooring is easy. Remember to sweep regularly. Use a no-wax spray for hard-surface floors for a good quality floor cleaner. Lightly spray the surface of your laminate floor and wipe immediately with a damp cloth. This will remove streaks, dirt and dull faded patches from your floor.

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