How to Protect Against Sinking Floors

How to Protect Against Sinking Floors 

Are you seeing signs of sinking floors in your home? While generally common, this issue can be cause for concern for many reasons. Let’s first define the meaning of “sinking floor” so we are all on the same page.

A sinking floor can be identified when you notice the flooring of your house shift to one side. For instance, when you notice your doors and/or windows being jammed, this is a sure sign of a sinking floor, next to the most obvious clue – your flooring quite literally sinking down in a certain area.

What causes sinking floors? 

Sinking or sagging floors can happen for multiple reasons. The first and most common reason is poor structural foundation. If this is the case, you will need to reform your flooring foundation to ensure your flooring remains safe, sturdy, and functional.

Another reason for sinking floors could be moisture. It may be worth looking into implementing a solution to keep your crawl space dry, and sealing any leaks to keep outside elements from getting in. 

What to do about sinking floors?

When it comes to dealing with this issue, it’s best to call in a professional to help you repair or replace your flooring. Local to Huntington Beach, Orange, or the surrounding areas? We’re here for you.

At My Flooring Guy, we specialize in floor repair, installation, refinishing and replacement. We’re happy to have a consultation with you to assess the shape of your flooring, subfloor, and give you an accurate estimate of time and cost.

We know flooring work can be costly and take up a lot of time. That’s why we make our services fast, efficient and affordable. If you’re in need of better flooring from a team you can trust, we’re happy to help.

From start to finish, we’re happy to help you understand the process we’ll need to complete in order to meet your flooring needs, the cost of materials, manpower, and an estimated time frame for finishing the job. We always work with our customers to ensure they know each step of the process and never feel like they’re left in the dark.

We also take all of the trash, debris, and other materials with us – so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up. 

Additionally, with My Flooring Guy’s zero-interest financing, you can rest easy knowing the job will get done quickly and hassle-free. We have dozens of flooring options to choose from that you’re sure to love. We pride ourselves in offering many different styles and types of flooring to ensure we have something for everyone. We also are happy to work with your budget. Don’t forget to apply for zero-interest financing on our website!




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