How to Make Small Rooms Look Larger With Your Floors

You likely have one or more rooms in your home that you wish were a little bigger. There are many decorating tips to make the most of the area, but one of the top tricks is to ensure the floors are in the right space. With the right flooring, you can move the occupant’s focus from the size to the appearance.

Work With Light and Dark Colors

When you think of making a space larger, you likely think of light colors, and it is right to an extent. Lighter colors can complement the rest of the furniture, opening up the room. You might go with neutral, cream, or natural colors. They are attractive and make the room seem airer, and they can draw the natural sunlight in.

Even darker colors can make rooms look larger too. Dark wood can make the room look more extensive since it seems inviting. If you go with that option, pair it with a cool shade on the walls, adding depth to the room

Avoid Storing Things on the Floor

No matter the room, you need a place to store things, whether decorations, papers, or books. To leave as much floor space open as possible, consider adding shelving to the walls. That way, you do not need to place items on the floor. You can put less furniture in the room. If you design the room from scratch, consider adding a recess for seating or a bed, so more floor space is visible.

Picking the Right Flooring Type

There are several kinds of flooring styles, including:

Wider planks over narrower ones.
Large squares instead of smaller ones.
Luxury vinyl tiles or carpet tiles instead of hardwood.
Larger pieces make the floor look more open and less busy since there will not be many of them. Plus, there are not so many seams in your flooring. That means the eye will not have as much to look at there.

Diagonal Flooring

There are several ways to install flooring, and the method you pick often determines how large the room looks. Generally, have the planks run parallel to the room’s longest wall. That way, you will draw the eye along the length of the space. If the room is tiny, it is best to avoid busy patterns. Instead, look for vertical boards that can make the area larger.

You could also choose to place the tiles or boards in a diagonal pattern since the room is longer corner to corner than lengthwise. It is not a standard way of installing the flooring, but it makes things look more extensive.

Ensure the Flooring Stays Consistent

It is best to keep the flooring the same among adjoining rooms. That creates the look of more space, even if the room is small. For instance, for a patterned floor, pick the same or similar designs to create continuity. If the flooring material needs to change, like for the kitchen or bathroom, ensure the different style complements the rest of the rooms.

If you want carpet, lighter colors are often better. However, rugs usually take more time to care for than hardwoods and laminate. This tip work is that adding similar flooring styles makes the smaller rooms look like they are a part of something larger.

Closing Thoughts

If you want to make your room look larger, start with the flooring. There are many tips for drawing the eye along the room’s length so you can visibly increase its size. Then you can enjoy a more open-feeling space.

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