How Hardwood Flooring Trumps Carpet Every Time

How Hardwood Flooring Trumps Carpet Every Time

Aside from elegance, there are many reasons to replace your carpet flooring to a much more appropriate option such as hardwood. We’re all about choosing the best option for your home, however, hardwood flooring is an asset for many more reasons than you may think.

Similarly, the benefits that come along with hardwood flooring — some that may even enhance your health — speak for themselves. Here’s how hardwood trumps carpet every time.

Hardwood is cleaner

Carpets can lock in dust and pollen very easily. This can lead to allergy flare ups, bad air quality, and can give the home an unpleasant smell. 

Carpets are also not easy to clean, especially if it’s starting to look dull or discolored. Stains can get trapped in the material, especially if your carpet is light in color. Hardwood has barriers and coats of finish to prevent this, while carpet does not. 

It adds value

Hardwood can actually add value to your home. Think about it – would you want to move into a home with someone else’s carpet they’ve been using for years? Probably not. 

Many buyers lean more toward hardwood floors that can be easily cleaned and look more aesthetically appealing in a room. They are also known to make rooms look larger- another selling point for many home buyers!

Hardwood offers a long lifetime

Longevity is just another benefit of hardwood. Wood floors, when maintained, are easy to clean and can last for generations.  Carpets, on the other hand, are recommended to be changed every few years. This means turning your life upside down for weeks at a time to get your new carpets installed. 

If you ever decide you want to change the color of your hardwood or restore it, you have far more options than you would with a carpet which would need to be replaced. Solid Hardwood floors can be refinished if you want to change the color or if you want to make them look new again. 

At My Flooring Guy, we’ve got decades of experience giving customers the flooring of their dreams. This means replacing that old, outdated flooring with beautifully crafted hardwood.

With us, your hardwood floor is engineered to last for many years and is more affordable than you thought possible. 

Although some fear hardwood flooring may be too expensive, the money you save on needing to replace it after a few years make it worthwhile. Not to mention, we are happy to now offer financing! Get your flooring installed and pay for it as you enjoy it. 

Ditch your old carpet and contact us today to get the new flooring of your dreams. Our hardwood flooring speaks for itself. Visit our online gallery or stop by our showroom to see the options we can offer you today!

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