Here’s Why SPC Flooring is a Smart Option For Your Home

When it comes to the best combination of quality and affordability for your home, SPC flooring has stood out from the competition since it first burst onto the scene a few years ago. A sturdy but lightweight, easy-install alternative to hardwood, it gives you all the greatest looks, textures, and patterns you want– and can be engineered to your specifications. 

Here at My Flooring Guy, we’re seeing an increase in SPC purchases as Californians get smarter about affordable luxury and want something that will make their homes stand apart.

So, what’s all the rave about SPC, and why is it a material you should seriously be considering? Here’s why we’re in love:

SPC flooring offers incredible bang for your buck.

When you mention hardwood, most people instantly think of glamorous, rich wood in a luxurious setting. They also think of price.

With SPC flooring, price is less of a factor and style is customizable, meaning you can achieve the hardwood look you want for less– and on command. Want a dark, lustrous look downstairs, and something a little bit different on the staircase itself? Done. SPC can be engineered to meet your exact specifications with relative ease. And, because it’s man-made (meaning we’re not felling trees to get you what you’re looking for), you won’t have to compromise on anything. You can have your cake, and eat it too– for less.

SPC flooring is made of limestone, so it’s incredibly durable.

If you need a flooring material that can stand the test of time, SPC shines the brightest. Manufactured with a limestone core and finished with a high gloss, high resistance coasting, it’s designed to give you years of wear without showing its age. It’s also waterproof, pet-proof, fire resistant, and great for warm, wet environments (like the climate of most of Southern California). In fact, as simple and straightforward as SPC is to install, most customers are always pleasantly surprised when they learn just how long it will last with relatively little maintenance. 

SPC flooring is actually a bit more comfortable than other types of flooring as well. Because it’s installed in layers, it’s softer underfoot than a traditional hardwood, and absorbs more noise (perfect for when you don’t want to hear the kids traipsing upstairs!).

We’ve got tons of SPC options in-house, all the time.

As the popularity of SPC flooring has grown in recent years, we’ve started stocking more and more of it from our local suppliers to meet demand. That means we’ve almost always got a host of options for you to explore  in-store, and more that are probably on the way, if you don’t immediately find what you’re looking for. This many options means we can get you the absolute best price and the style, pattern, or texture you need with ease.

If you’ve been considering SPC flooring for a little while, contact us today to see what we have in stock. We can chat with you over the phone to get a feel for your needs and field any questions, or our experts can walk you through what we offer in a custom appointment so you can see what we have for yourself!

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