Here’s What to Know About Installing Laminate Flooring

Here’s What To Know About Installing Laminate Flooring

Do you plan on installing laminate flooring?

When it comes to flooring, you want the most bang for your buck. At My Flooring Guy, we work with multiple flooring types to ensure our customers have high-quality and affordable options, such as the ever-popular laminate flooring. 

Being a popular choice for many homeowners, we decided to let you in on some basics when it comes to installing laminate flooring! Here’s some things to know before you bite the bullet on this popular flooring material.

1. It can shift with temperature

Due to fluctuating temperatures and humidity, laminate flooring can expand or contract. To accommodate this shifting, be sure to use spacers to leave a small gap between the flooring and the wall in order to allow for expansion. ⅜” spacers seem to do the trick for this issue!

Similarly, this means you will want to let your laminate flooring sit in the room for anywhere from a few hours up to 2 days before installing it. This will allow the flooring to get used to the temperature and make for an easy installation

2. The subfloor plays an important role

When it comes to laminate flooring, there’s no doubt the subfloor plays a huge role in how the flooring will turn out. Without a clean, flat, and level surface, you’re bound to end up with an unsteady floor – otherwise known as an unsafe floor!

Preparing the subfloor is an essential step when it comes to installing laminate flooring. Typically, laminate flooring can be installed right over top of your old floor, making it an easy installation. But without this prep, this easy installation can quickly turn into a week-long disaster.

3. Yes, it’s generally affordable!

A great aspect of installing laminate flooring is the price. This flooring type, in particular, doesn’t require a lot of supplies other than floor cleaner, spacers, and occasionally, floor leveler. Many choose to install laminate flooring since it replicates the look of hardwood floors, but has a cheaper price tag, fewer materials are required, and it calls for easy installation. For those looking to save some money and time, laminate flooring is the way to go!

4. There are a multitude of design options 

Another great feature of laminate is the amount of styles, patterns, and colors available allows you to match almost any room in the house. 

Even if your only inspiration for the flooring is a single color, you have endless possibilities when looking into laminate flooring.

5. Installing laminate flooring is reinventing the wheel

In recent times, laminate flooring is even more durable, lasts longer, and has a strong barrier perfect for limiting scratches. 

The great news about installing laminate flooring is you don’t have to look far to get it done. Your flooring professionals in Orange County and Huntington Beach are ready to start whenever you are. When you need the best in quality, durability, and affordability, look no further than My Flooring Guy for all of your laminate needs.

 We’re happy to be the area’s trusted flooring professionals and look forward to helping you upgrade your home’s flooring soon! Feel free to visit our showroom to see the numerous options we offer or look through our gallery online for inspiration! 

We are happy to announce we now offer financing as well! My Flooring Guy is the team to trust for all your flooring needs.


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