Hardwood Scratch Repair: Is it Just Time for a New Floor?

That new flooring look is something we all live for. Pristine, clean, and shiny hardwood is enough to change the look of any space in a matter of minutes. However, after years of wear and tear from kids, pets, moving furniture, and just everyday life, you may notice your once-perfect hardwood floor has scratches on it.

Scratches happen to any floor over a period of time. It’s impossible to prevent them when you live in a busy household. They are walking surfaces, after all! 

If you’re noticing hardwood scratches in your home or business and aren’t sure where to go from here, we can help. We’ll break down what is hardwood scratch repair, is it worth it, and why a new floor is your best bet.

What is hardwood scratch repair? 

When you search the internet for a solution to scratches in hardwood flooring, you find many home remedies that claim to fill in the scratches on your floor so they don’t stand out as much, or even claim to get rid of them altogether.

 However, these DIYs and hacks often leave a bigger mess, and most times, don’t actually work. If they work at all, they are only a short-term solution to the issue at hand.

Then, you have the hassle of trying to find the correct stain originally used on your floor, which may not bond to the DIY filler you created, and leave a sticky, oily mess. 

Scratches are usually deeper than just on the surface of your hardwood. By tackling a DIY project to fix them, you’re only costing yourself time, money, and stress.

Is it worth it?

In short, no. Scratches in a hardwood floor usually appear after years of wear and tear. Small scratches in a hidden area aren’t something to worry about too much but can lead to even more scratches when not cared for properly.

Scratches on hardwood can also cause it to lose some of its properties, such as the smoothness of the floor or the traction it provides, as well as, of course, the aesthetic it brings to a space.

If you’re experiencing scratches throughout the entirety of the space, you may want to consider investing in new flooring.

Why a new floor is your best bet

When it comes to flooring, you want to do things the right way, the first time. Replacing flooring can be a hassle, as you have to move furniture and prepare to not use the room for a period of time. 

Additionally, when trying to fix scratches in your hardwood flooring, you’re going to be doing the same thing the professionals do – moving furniture, belongings and clearing the room to be worked on. Save yourself the hassle and let the experts at My Flooring Guy fix you up with a new hardwood floor. 

With us, your hardwood floor will be beautifully designed, engineered to last for many years, and more affordable than you thought possible. Ditch the DIY solutions and contact us today to get the new flooring of your dreams!

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