Hardwood Floor Installation Service Near Huntington Beach & Orange, CA

My Flooring Guy’s expert installers are skilled in all forms of installation necessary to complete your flooring project.  Depending upon the type of material you choose for your floors, there are several installation methods that can be used.  Some installations can be done over the top of your existing floor while others require a removal and haul away of existing flooring to reveal either a concrete or wood subfloor.  Please see below for more information about what installation type your project will require.  As always, our Project Managers will go over your installation options and methods with you during your consultation.  The installation method required is one of the main reasons we suggest to our customers to take advantage of our FREE in home estimates.  This is the best way for us to assess the current condition of your floors and subfloor and to give you the most accurate estimate of installation time and cost. Please see below for more information about what installation type your project will require. 

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Nail Down Installation Method

The Nail Down installation method is used when we are installing solid hardwood onto a wood subfloor.  This is most common on  the second floor level or higher or on single story homes with raised foundations.  This method requires that the existing floor (carpet, tile, wood) be removed and hauled away to expose the subfloor level. During the process, we install a thin felt-like layer of underlayment on top of the wood subfloor and then place the hardwood on top.  Our installers then use nails to secure your chosen floor to the subfloor.  The nails can not be seen from the top layer of the flooring so you will not have any visible nails after the installation is complete.

Glue Down Installation Method

The Glue Down installation method also requires the removal and haul away of existing flooring and  is most often used when we are installing engineered hardwood to either a concrete or wood subfloor.   Since engineered hardwood already has its own layer of plywood, My Flooring Guy installers simply apply the moisture barrier glue to the concrete or wood subfloor and then glue the engineered wood flooring directly to the subfloor itself.  This method is also used when installing solid hardwood to a concrete.  In this case, we use a moisture barrier glue to affix a layer of plywood to the concrete.  This protects your solid wood flooring from the moisture produced by concrete.  Once that step is complete, the same nail down installation method as explained above is used.

Floating Installation Method

The Floating installation method is used most often for Laminate, Vinyl, and SPC flooring installations. We use the term “floating” because your new floor is installed over the top of your existing floor.  If your existing floor is carpet, it will have to be removed and hauled away.  All other types of flooring work as a base for this type of installation.  Vinyl, SPC and Laminate flooring planks fit or “click” together to hold each other in place.  The baseboards of the room serve as the anchor for the flooring.  They must be removed prior to installing the floor and can be replaced after installation using either the existing base boards or new ones.  We recommend that your replace your base boards with new ones if you have had the existing boards for over a year.  My Flooring Guy carries an excellent of both standard and stylistic base boards for your installation or you are welcome to provide base boards to us if you have a preference or your own materials. 

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