3 Ways to Keep Your Laminate Floor Looking Brand New

3 Ways to Keep Your Laminate Floor Looking Brand New

Choosing the right flooring isn’t the end of the road when it comes to having your home looking spectacular. Many times, homeowners find their new flooring looking great– until a few months go by. While getting your laminate installed is a stepping stone toward your dream home, there are steps you need to take to ensure you’re taking the best care possible of your new flooring. 

When it comes to maintaining your laminate flooring, here are some tips you may want to follow to ensure you’re protecting your investment. Here are 5 ways to ensure your laminate flooring is still looking brand new!

1. Avoid scratches

While laminate flooring is durable and naturally avoids scratches, be sure to take the necessary steps to prevent scratches anyway. This means ensuring furniture rests on risers or furniture protectors to eliminate contact with the flooring.

This also means watching the type of shoes you wear on laminate flooring. Any type of high heels, cleats, or shoes with spikes can be a recipe for disaster with new flooring. 

In addition, watch the nails/paws of your furry friends! They can also be a source of scratches in flooring.

2. Invest in the right cleaning equipment

Of course, with any flooring, getting the correct equipment, such as a vacuum and a mop, will make maintenance much easier. When it comes to cleaning laminate, think logically. First, you’ll want to use a vacuum to remove any debris, dirt, or any other materials that may be inside your home. If you skip this step, you run the risk of dragging these materials across the floor and creating scratches.

After vacuuming, you’ll want to use a mop and a laminate-friendly cleaner to help the material maintain its shine and keep it looking clean. Regularly cleaning your laminate will work wonders when it comes to maintaining it – try dry mopping afterwards as well to eliminate any excess water buildup.

3. Spot treatment

When it comes to keeping floors looking new and clean, be sure to eliminate messes as they occur. Water, and any other liquids can do a lot of damage on laminate floors. Be sure to eliminate any spills as much as you can and thoroughly clean them as they do happen.

Consider using a microfiber cloth to safely clean flooring and eliminate any potential water damage. Keep in mind, with laminate flooring – water often does more harm than good. 

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