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When it comes to flooring, it might seem like the options are endless. You may feel that contemporary designs are the best choices for you. However, that is not always the case. If you pick an electric style or vibrant color, is the choice that timeless? Keep reading to learn whether a contemporary design is the best option.

About Contemporary Flooring

Some people confuse modern and contemporary flooring styles. Contemporary flooring is what is in style right now. On the other hand, modernism might be older than you think — consider mid-century designs. Contemporary designs are bold and smooth.

For instance, carpet is not as popular right now as hard flooring is. Neutral colors with a single accent color are a contemporary design, as well. Bold colors and designs also are popular. Since open spaces are “in” right now, consider that when picking your flooring design.

Still, since contemporary designs are what people like now, think about the future when choosing flooring. For instance, you may want to go with hardwoods, which are more timeless than other designs. You could pick a light finish to keep your home looking bright.

Choosing the Right Flooring

Instead of choosing something too contemporary, consider more timeless options. For instance, consider vinyl or SPC. It is often a perfect combination of budget-friendly materials that captures the look of tile or hardwood. Vinyl is also versatile enough to choose several looks. You might pick an eye-catching pattern, allowing your home to stand out from your friends’ or neighbors’.

Timeless Designs

Black and white are perfect combinations where you want some contrast, such as an entryway. The colors have definitive lines of separation, and they go together well. That is why the colors have been popular for so long. There are many designs you can have done with the colors.

For instance, perhaps you want to separate the kitchen or bathroom into a different space. You can do something other than carpet or hardwood by doing that. If you want a contemporary design that can be easily changed in the future, black and white or gray flooring is a great option. In the kitchen, you might paint the cabinets white and add black accents. You can use stainless steel or black appliances to finish it.

Colored laminate flooring is another option. Perhaps you want a hardwood look without the price. If that is the case, consider laminate. Pressed wood often makes up the material, making it durable against scratches and water. You can clean it quickly, and you do not need to do extra maintenance.

Laminate flooring is excellent for those who like flooring patterns but do not wish to pay extra money. Depending on the colors you choose, the look will go together well but not be distracting.

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