Getting brand-new floors can be a way to treat yourself and your home. Perhaps you’re going for hardwood in the dining room or want to refresh the carpet in your family room. Or you might even want to give your entire home a makeover or repair the existing flooring. While this is an exciting time, you might be wondering how you can get a new floor in with your furniture.

Getting New Flooring

You have to move your belongings and furniture before you can install your new flooring. What you choose to do with these items will depend on a few factors. You can begin by thinking about how big your project is. For example, are you getting it for the whole house or just one room? You can easily move some chairs to another room for a bit. But for your whole house, that’s another story.

Think about the length of time for installation. If you need everything out quickly, you might need to make a new plan. If you have a larger home, you can have more options than if you have a small apartment. Asking yourself these questions can help you come up with the right plan.

Keeping It at Home

One option is just to move your pieces from room to room while the flooring is getting installed. If you are having several rooms done at once, you might need to carry and move a lot of pieces. Even though it is hard work, it does not cost anything. Plus, you will get to keep your favorite pieces right in your home.

If you have an outdoor space, this is one option for your furniture. A garage or shed can be a short-term home for your furnishing. But you should make sure that the area is waterproof, so things don’t get damaged. This will be a very convenient option for you.

Renting a Storage Unit

If you just have a short flooring project, this might be a bit too much. However, it can be easier if you are having your entire house redone. That is especially true if you have a small space or if you are doing multiple spaces. It is secure and convenient to get a rented storage unit. You don’t have to shuffle around tables and chairs or trip over pieces in the wrong spot. You can also hire someone to move it for you.