There’s nothing better than finding the right flooring for your home. Over the last few years, more and more Americans have adopted the practice of walking around the house barefoot. Walking barefoot is said to be good for your posture and your stance, along with strengthening the sole of your feet. But what good is walking barefoot when the flooring is not up to the mark? 

Choosing the right flooring is of utmost importance for several reasons. For starters, the material and color of your flooring should complement your furniture and house color. Also, your choice of flooring says a lot about you as a person. The way you design your home is your unique mark when friends and neighbors come visiting. So when you are searching for flooring guys near me, you want to make sure you are picking the right company. So today, let us tell you why you should choose My Flooring Guy.

Why Choose Us?

There is no one as dedicated as us in this business when it comes to offering flooring solutions. To request a free consultation, you can simply log onto our website and describe your request in order for us to follow-up with you with the right information.

There is a wide range of materials to choose from when it comes to flooring, and this is why we request that you let our project manager guide you through this process. 

Flooring Guys Near Me

Your project manager is a trained professional who knows all that there is to know about flooring. This project manager can suggest new ideas, help you with designs, and answer all your questions. Once you have put together details with your project manager, you will be introduced to the three main flooring options:

Nail Down Installation-

This method will let you install a solid hardwood floor on an existing subfloor. If you have a carpet on your floor, it will have to be removed. Most people use these for buildings with multiple stories and houses.

Glue Down Installation-

Through this installation, your My Flooring Guy team will simply install the plywood by gluing it on the subfloor. Once again, if you have a carpet on the subfloor, we will have to remove it. Some nail down installations are also done over the floor once the process is complete.

Floating Installation-

This installation method is used mostly for laminate type installations. The term floating refers to the new layer that ‘floats’ atop the pre-existing floor. In this method, the baseboards of the room will be used as anchors.

Over many years, we have gained extensive experience by serving various clients. Today, My Flooring Guy assures you of the highest quality services that you can find for hardwood floor services in Orange CAWe have been installing new floors for a long time, but this is just the beginning. Our brand is devoted to helping our customers find the best flooring for their home or office. Providing floor solutions is just what we do, so contact us today to learn more.