Changing the layout of your bedroom using feng shui philosophy could help improve the quality of your sleep. hardwood flooringThere is evidence to suggest that a pleasant, orderly, clean environment is an essential part of creating healthy sleeping patterns. Feng shui philosophy is often seen as one great method of creating balanced, enjoyable, and stress-reducing layouts in your home. While feng shui can be applied to your entire home, there is no need to start rearranging your whole house overnight. Feng shui philosophy begins by emphasizing the centrality of the bedroom. If you want to experiment with feng shui principles, your bedroom is the perfect place to start including your hardwood flooring installation.

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

The first step to making your bedroom align with feng shui principles is to carefully place your bed. It should be in a dominant position in the room, facing the door but not directly lined up with it. Doors should not open directly in line with the bed and do not point your feet directly into your doorway. 

Your headboard should be resting against a solid wall, but the other three sides of your bed should have space around them. You should make sure your headboard is not on a wall opposite a toilet. And ensure your bed is not underneath any low beams or sloped ceilings.

It is best not to store anything under your bed, if possible. This gives your bed an open, uninhibited space that is all it’s own. If you do store anything underneath your bed, try to make sure it is sleep-related. Pillows, blankets, and extra sheets are suitable.

While you want space on either side of the bed, nightstands are still a great way to bring balance. Try to have two nightstands rather than one, and place them in the same position on either side against the wall. They should line up with your headboard, ideally creating a pleasing line for the eye to follow. This also gives you and your partner plenty of storage space, a place to put your nightly reading and cellphone and place your own personal lamp. The nightstands can be matching or not but should work as long as they have complementary shapes and styles. Make sure that you’re careful not to damage the hardwood flooring installation in your bedroom as you move your furniture around. 

Small Renovations Make a Big Difference

hardwood floor rennovations

You can feng shui your bedroom with some basic renovations, too. One idea is to consider new flooring to better suit your style and taste. Having a floor that reflects you is far more refreshing and relaxing than something someone entirely different from you picked. Hardwood is a classic pick for a cozy bedroom aesthetic, but you should choose whatever suits you.

You should also incorporate some new colors. Your bedroom’s colors should reflect your personality and the kind of atmosphere you find restful. For more energy, try a deep red. If you want a quiet peacefulness, deep blues or greens are a great pick that can uplift your spirits. Darker, earthy colors can help you quiet yourself and relax, while delicate pinks can make an intimate couple’s atmosphere.

Protecting Your Floor

When giving your bedroom a feng shui makeover, it is important to protect your hardwood floor. You should take measures to protect your floor from scratches, dents, and other damage. Furniture is often the main culprit for dents and scrapes. You can prevent damage by placing furniture sliders underneath the legs of tables, chairs, nightstands, dressers, and your bed frame. But normal wear and tear from walking also take its toll. Protect areas around your bed, dresser, and door with rugs if possible. If your floor is already looking a bit rough, a refinish can re-energize your entire room.