Choosing the best style rug for your floors is a tricky task but one of the most important investments you should make. Your floor is one of the most vital components of your residential or commercial space. The right style rug that fits your kind of flooring determines its overall quality in terms of aesthetics and function.

hardwood floor rug

Before Buying a Style Rug

The existing flooring is the fundamental part of the room that you must first consider before buying a style rug. Yes, there is a wide assortment of style rug trends to choose from. However, consider the question, is it suitable for the flooring that you already have? Will the two jive or blend together? 

Check out some of the most common existing flooring types, their qualities and features, and the kind of style rug you can use to fit your floors:

  • SPC Flooring

Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) flooring is one of the newest generations of contemporary floor covering, made of luxury vinyl tiling and wood polymer composite. It has remarkable resistance to scrapes and dents and 100% waterproof. The rigidity of SPC flooring makes it a great flooring option that can handle the weight of heavy furniture and equipment.

Solid floors such as SPC creates a blank canvas for your style rug. Thus, the choice is totally up to you. Nevertheless, make sure you go for a simpler or plain rug pattern if you have SPC textured surfaces such as embossed, hand-scraped, marble embossed, deep embossed, and crystal embossed.

  • Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood typically looks great on any style rug because of its classic and timeless aesthetic. It blends well with all types of rug designs in a variety of color schemes. However, you have two main options when it comes to hardwood flooring. First, you may have a light wood or light-colored flooring. The other option is your dark wood or dark flooring collection.

living room hardwood floor

Investing in your flooring is a lucrative and long-term one, which boosts your property aesthetics and function. Check out the latest collection of style rugs that are perfect for your existing flooring. Make sure you consult with the experts in flooring installation and everything flooring for more details!