Brand new floors are the ultimate treat to yourself especially your home. You deserve the best with the latest flooring trends available. hardwood floor installationHowever, before you plunge into the best color scheme and the likes, make sure you know what to do before installing your new floors.

Helpful Practical Tips Before New Floor Installation

Floor installers need to do their job but you must also properly prepare the area for them to work on. There are important things you need to remove or move before the new floor installation can take place. You can do this task or just hire some people to do the heavy and tedious work for you.

  • Remove All Breakable Items

Hang photos and other breakable decors right after the installation but never before. It is a no-brainer since floor installation and other related activities during the project can shake the walls and potentially knock down breakable items. Remove everything from bookcases to display cabinets to glass or porcelain decors. 


  • Painting Goes After Flooring


It is best not to plan on painting your walls prior to flooring installation. Paint walls only after the new flooring is installed to avoid nicks, phase, and scratches on walls. These are all possible to happen during floor installation, which can only result in you painting the walls twice.


  • Disconnect Electronics and Gas Appliances


Installing new floors in the laundry rooms or kitchens may require you to deal with gas appliances and electronics. Disconnect or arrange these items to make sure that they will not be damaged during the installation process. There are some gas appliances that must be handled by professionals, thus, make sure you have this arranged first. 


  • Furniture Moving


You can get new furniture pieces to go with your new flooring but before you can do that, make sure that you remove all your furniture from the area where the installation will take place. You can ask your floor installer if they also do furniture moving as part of their quote. If not, you can check out some companies that do this, unless you want to deal with a sore back and time-consuming loads of lifting and moving.


  • Clean and Clear Out


Whether you want to install vinyl flooring or the classic carpet covers, clearing out the area first and cleaning the floors is essential for effective installation. Remove all items that may get in the way and clean the subfloors properly before the floor installers lay the new ones. 


  • Choose your Flooring Type


One of the most important things to consider before the actual new floor installation is to have a clear idea of what type of floor to choose. Some of the popular options include SPC flooring, hardwood flooring, and laminate flooring. You can also find new flooring options that blend with modern interior design. 

Knowing what to do first before installing new floors can spell the success of your project. It is also best to know some related essentials such as hardwood refinishing and other flooring options as well as interior and furniture design right after the installation is done.