Its that time of year again…The weather is getting warmer, days are getting longer, and the smell of the neighbor’s grill permeates the air outside on Sunday afternoons.   Summer is here! Living in Southern California, once Summer rolls around, you may find yourself craving a new, clean, crisp Summer look in your home. Step into the Summer Season with a Whitewash on your hardwood floors. It’s a great way to not only restore your flooring, but to achieve that beautiful Beach House look.

Many people choose the whitewashed look for their beach houses and vacation homes. The light color variations shown in the natural grain of the hardwood flooring invoke a warm and inviting feeling for those looking to relax and enjoy the warm California sun. Even if you don’t own a beach front bungalow, you too can capture the ambiance and serenity of Summer all year round.

The white washing process is very similar to the refinishing process but does yield a very specific look. The idea is basically that of choosing a “white stain” rather than the traditional brown, naturals, and cherry tones that people often choose. Depending on the species of hardwood in your home, the white washing process can take a bit more time than that of a standard refinish. White Oak, Maple, and Ash are great species of woods for white washing as they have a lot of grain variation, are light in color, and absorb stains well. At My Flooring Guy in Huntington Beach, CA, our technicians use the following process:

1. Using a sander, sand the existing floor three times with light buffing between coats. This process will remove the finish and the top layer of the floor exposing the natural wood underneath.

2. Apply a mixture of white latex paint and water using brushes or rollers depending on the desired affect to the natural wood. This is applied to small portions of the floor at each time because the paint does dry quickly. Note: if you wish to get a little darker wash, light gray paint can be mixed into the mixture as well.

3. After the paint mixture has been applied, wipe the area using a lint free rag in order to remove some of the paint mixture and to allow the remaining mixture to sink into the grain of the wood.

4. Once steps 2 and 3 have been completed in the entire room, check to see if the desired level of white washing has been created. These steps can be repeated if you wish to see more of the white color and less of the grain.

5. The final step in the white washing process is the finish. Apply two coats of water-based polyurethane finish at the desired finish level (from extra matte to high gloss) and let dry.


And just like that, you have converted your home into a beach house bungalow sure to impress at your next Bar-b-que or Soiree.

If you desire a whitewashed look in your home, but do not have hardwood flooring, you may also want to consider stone plastic composite (SPC). My Flooring Guy can use SPC to give you the whitewashed, beach front property look using an array of white, gray, and light natural oak colors at an affordable price and with a fast and easy floating installation process.   Call My Flooring Guy or visit our Huntington Beach showroom today to see examples and discuss your project. You deserve it!