Spring is here and you know what that means……SPRING CLEANING! It’s time to purge the closet, organize the pantry making sure all labels are facing out, find a place for all the papers on your desk, plant some Marigolds in the garden, and so on and so on. When it comes to your Hardwood Floors, they may need a little tending to as well. If you have had hardwood floors for a few years now, you may notice that they have lost their luster or have been scratched and damaged from the wear and tear of everyday life. Spring Cleaning is all about Out with the old, in with the new. If you are tired of looking at the same old color on your floors and find yourself craving a change of scenery, a Hardwood Floor Refinish with My Flooring Guy is just the thing for you. Refinishing your Hardwood Floors can eliminate scratches, revive your finish, and even allows you to change the color of your floors. Because refinishing removes the top layer of the floor, you can keep the natural color of the wood, choose from a selection of stains in popular colors, or even create your own custom stain. Here’s how it works:
The ProcessL

  • Sand – With Stain
    • Sand with Sander using 40 , 60, and 80 grain (3 passes)
  • Sand – Natural Wood Color
    • Sand with Sander using 40 and 80 grain (2 passes)
  • Stain – Apply the selected color stain
    • For custom stains, 3 options will be given applied to the floor and customer will choose the color they prefer
  • Finish with your choice of finish level from extra matte to high gloss


With so many options available to you this Spring, if you can dream it, My Flooring Guy can make it a reality in your home. Give your Hardwood Floors the facelift they deserve. Our Huntington Beach showroom is open 7 days a week. Stop by to view samples, stains, and discuss your project with our team or call us to schedule a FREE in home consultation.   Visit our social media for more information about our spring beautification sale.