Noise pollution is one of the leading causes of stress and hearing loss in the United States today. If you own or if you have ever lived in any kind of multi-level structure, you are probably more than aware of how in many buildings, you can hear every word, step, and movement of your neighbors on the floor above you. Noise travels through vibration in the ear which the brain interprets as a sound. The pressure and intensity of those vibrations is what determines the sound’s volume or Decibel. Soundproofing the home has long been something that homeowners and renters alike desire, however, most forms of soundproofing can be very costly and can involve a great deal of construction. Though it has been used for over forty years, the use of cork underlayment in flooring projects is a rising trend within the flooring industry and has proven to be both budget conscious and effective in its results.
Cork underlayment is currently only found in 1% of the world’s structures, but more and more Homeowners and Contractors like My Flooring Guy in Huntington Beach, California are choosing to use it because of its soundproofing, acoustic, and thermal benefits. Many Building Inspectors and HOAs in Long Beach, Irvine, Newport Beach, and many other cities in Southern California and throughout the United States are beginning to require it in new flooring projects. Cork is a naturally occurring and sustainable product which contains small “craters” within its cellular structure that catch and absorb sound pressure and vibration thereby not only trapping sound but eliminating it as well. 
It is very versatile and can be used in Floating, Staple Down, and Glue Down installations. While ¼ inch cork underlayment is the most commonly used, and considerably reduces and eliminates noise, using ½ inch cork can reduce noise by an additional 200 percent than that of ¼ inch. When choosing the type of flooring for your project, and when deciding upon cork underlayment, keep in mind that cork is not waterproof. If you are using waterproof flooring such as Vinyl or SPC, be sure to cover the layer of cork underlayment with a 100% waterproof rubber underlayment before flooring installation commences. Not only will the rubber underlayment protect the cork, it also acts as another sound barrier itself. Listed below are some just a few of the benefits of choosing Cork Underlayment.

Cork Underlayment drastically reduces the following:

Onset of noise such as foot step

In-air noise from TV’s, conversations, and music

“Echo” or noise that bounces off the empty space in a room

Vibration and “buzzing” feeling in the floo

Noise from all directions; not just to the benefit of your neighbor below

In addition to all of its wonderful soundproofing benefits, cork is hypo-allergenic and is wonderful for people or pets with allergies. It also provides a natural warmth and insulation to your floor and has a bit of a “spring” quality to it which gives support to your feet making floors more comfortable to walk on. The best part is that since cork underlayment works with most flooring and installation types we offer, you do not have to sacrifice your personal style to have this wonderful, multi-faceted benefit in your home. Call My Flooring Guy today at (714) 893-5668 for a free estimate and consultation to discuss how to get the most out of your flooring project.