Beach-front and near-beach properties like the homes found in Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and Sunset Beach can be a thing of dreams, but if you choose the wrong type of flooring for the elements, your dreams can turn abruptly into a costly home-improvement nightmare. Deciding on what type and style of flooring isn’t just about the color or material that you like. One has to consider humidity, moisture, foot traffic, and debris such as sand when choosing flooring that will have the durability and moisture resistance to withstand these challenges and still retain a luxurious look. If you currently have or are planning on purchasing beach property, please read My Flooring Guy’s guide to choosing the perfect beach house flooring option for your style and budget.  In this article, we will be discussing two of the top suggestions for homes close to the water and located in areas prone to high humidity.


      You will find that while it is the most expensive option of the three discussed in this article, engineered hardwood gives you the most customizable style options for your home. You can choose from our wide selection of pre-finished woods or opt for a fully customizable unfinished wood which will be stained and/or finished by our expert installers after installation.  My Flooring Guy recommends Engineered hardwood for both primary and secondary residences close to the beach as it is less prone to cupping or splitting when exposed to elements such as moisture and humidity than solid hardwood.  If you have pets or if you are using the home as a primary residence, we urge you to consider some of the harder, more durable woods such as Maple or Quarter-Sawn Oak species.  The harder the species of wood you choose, the less likely you will be to incur scratches from pet nails, sand, and other beach debris.  If you have chosen unfinished wood, we recommend choosing either our polyurethane finish if you don’t mind the amber color of the finish itself or our water-based finish if you desire to keep the natural hue of the flooring.  Plank widths of over five inches are not recommended for beach houses as thinner planks are less likely to separate from each other should they naturally expand in conjunction with the weather and increased moisture in the air.


      The most cost effective and the only 100% waterproof flooring option for your beach house is SPC/Vinyl plank flooring. SPC and its rubber underlayment layer can be installed quickly and easily with a “floating installation” placed on top of your existing floor (other than carpet), and featuring planks that fit together, lock into place, and are held in place by the baseboards as opposed to the “glue down” or “nail down” installation needed for Engineered Hardwood and Bamboo which must be glued or nailed directly to the subfloor.  This type of installation dramatically reduces the cost of demo and installation labor and also allows for less project time over all.  SPC material is about 30-50% less per square foot than Engineered hardwood and because of its 100% waterproof qualities, SPC can be installed throughout the entire home including bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, garages, and patios further reducing the cost in materials.  SPC is a very solid and durable product with the highest level of scratch resistance of any of the products found in My Flooring Guy’s inventory and is available in 20 different luxury wood look colors and textures to suit your style.  This versatile flooring will stand up to pets, kids, and the elements alike.

Whatever your Beach House Dream may be, contact My Flooring Guy for free in-home estimates or consultations or visit our showroom in Huntington Beach, California to view samples and speak with a project manager who can help you select just the right flooring for your style, budget, and lifestyle.