Its that time of year again; New Years Resolution time.  Its the time when we make our lists of all the things we are “going to do” but generally, have no intention of actually doing for more than three weeks.  We are making lists, making promises to ourselves (like no carbs ever again), buying fit-bits, storage bins, and gym memberships.  I’ve had my membership for four years and the only time I ever stepped foot inside that place was the day I signed up.  I implore you to consider instead, treating yourself this New Year and refinishing your hardwood floors with My Flooring Guy and crew.

If you’re anything like me, you overextended yourself this past holiday season.  The gifts, the parties, the food, the traffic!  Now, in the wake of all the holiday hullaballoo, you can finally focus on yourself and the year ahead.  If you have hardwood floors, and more specifically, if you have had them for a while, they probably took a beating from Thanksgiving through Christmas.  General wear and tear plus all that extra foot traffic, tipsy guests, children, and fur-babies alike can make for scratches or stains on your hardwood. If this has been going on for a few years now, its probably time to refinish your floors.  At just about 50% less than new Hardwood Floors, refinishing is an affordable way to bring your home back to life.

The Refinishing process is very quick and simple.  Typically, My Flooring Guy’s crew will sand your existing floors three times using a finer and finer sandpaper each time.  First, a course 30-40 sandpaper is used to remove the top layer of the flooring including deeper scratches etc.  Then, a 50-60 grit sandpaper is used to smoothen and level the surface.  Finally, an 80-100 grit is used to soften and soothe the floors.  After each pass with the sandpaper, the floors are vacuumed with a soft brush attachment and then buffed before the next sanding process occurs.  At this point, the natural wood will show through.  Many homeowners choose to keep the natural color of the wood, but if you have decided to have a stain applied to the newly sanded floors, this would be the next step in the process.  My Flooring Guy offers a wide variety of stains in common colors or if you have something very specific in mind, we can create a fully customized color for you. The final step in the refinishing process is the finish.  Based on your personal style, you would choose your finish level from Matte to High Gloss.  We apply two to three coats of finish according to your preference.   Once this process is complete, you will find that your floors look happy, healthy, and new again.  For more information about refinishing your hardwood floors visit .  Cheers to a Happy New Year and a blessed and productive 2019