The Man Cave…Doesn’t that sound rugged? Imagine a place stocked with your favorite beer always on tap, a big screen tv with NFL Sunday Ticket, a jukebox that plays all your favorite songs, and most important of all: not a single decorative pillow to be found. You can create the perfect Man Cave on just about any budget and the possibilities are endless when in comes to personalizing your space. Here are some suggestions on what to consider when undertaking this project.
First, where will your Man Cave be located? The garage or den is often the prime location for all things Man. Once you have chosen your location, ask yourself what you see yourself doing in this room. Will there be Super Bowl parties, UFC Pay Per Views, poker nights, Call of Duty online with your buddies on your video game console of choice? Close your eyes and picture what you want to see. Next, choose décor and furniture that reflect the way you want to feel when you spend time in this personal retreat of yours. There are hundreds of DIY projects you can do to create exactly what you want using pieces and materials you most likely already have. Fill the room with your favorite sports memorabilia, posters of Sports Illustrated models or team cheerleaders, maybe even hang up a copy of “Dogs Playing Poker”. Dartboards and neon signs are great low cost ways to elevate a small space, whereas a pool table or a jukebox is a great choice if you have more room and a larger budget. If you are more of a video game/binge watch kind of guy, create the perfect media room with lots of shelving and storage for consoles, electronics, games, and movies. You can even build your own bar using a variety of furniture and materials such as bourbon barrels or empty kegs, or you can commission a custom made piece from a local craftsman. Feel free to incorporate refrigeration options, glasses, and signs from your favorite beer or energy drink brands as well.

Keep in mind also, that your flooring choice may very well be the most important choice you make for this space. When it comes to hardwood, you can choose from a variety of prefinished textures and colors or you can go with unfinished hardwood which will allow you the full range of customization from color, to texture, to finish. A textured Hardwood Floor in rich colors such as Mahogany or Hickory will give you a high quality, masculine look which will pair perfectly with your broken in Lazy Boy she can’t stand, but you can’t part with. Consider a Maple color with a high gloss finish if you will be including a pool table or poker table to give the feel of the ultimate game room. A dark Ebony or Charcoal colored wood would be perfect for a media or console gaming room. If you plan to have the guys over often for sporting events and Bar-B-Ques or if you are creating more of a Bar type feel, you may want to consider something more spill-proof like 100% waterproof Vinyl or SPC flooring for quick, easy, low maintenance clean up. If Cheetos and popcorn go flying after a heated argument on whether or not Tom Brady is the GOAT, or if “that guy” drops his beer in a fit of overzealous cheering after the World Series -winning home run you don’t have to worry about your floor paying the price.

Remember that this is the place set aside just for you and your best buddies. A home away from home…at home. Take the time to create and construct your Man Cave to fit your personal likes and hobbies because after all, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.